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The Evidence Sunday Church School Schedule of Classes

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Class Sessions for 2018!

2018 sessions are 8-week classes that run concurrent with the Standard International Sunday School Lessons!

Please sign-up now if you want to attend any of the specialized classes offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s important to us to prepare the classes you want most. (See the list below.)
Please register now for the class you want to attend. Minimum class size is seven students and cutoff is fifteen maximum. Your registration will determine which classes will be offered. You will be notified of classes upon contacting us through registration…

1. ◊ Good Stewards Over God’s Money

It is God’s desire that we live with abundance. Because in order to establish the mission of the church in the kingdom, we need to gain a supernatural understanding of money. We need to learn how money thinks and how we should think with money. Planning and preparing to have and use money is essential to having more than enough. This course is designed to start you on a powerful life-long journey as a good steward over God’s Money.

Register today for our limited seating of just 15 people (minimum of 7 students)! Sign-up now!

Material required for class: Workbook: $20

2. ◊ The Master Plan of Evangelism – The Master Plan of Evangelism

An eight week study series that will drive you through an urgent study preparing you to become a part of God’s plan to evangelize our communities, our nation and the world. Do you want to participate in international outreach ministries? As you will learn, it is not what you think, but this course will prepare your thinking for successful evangelism!

The class size is limited to 15 students per eight week session. Sign-up now!

Material required for the session:

Workbook: $12

Optional book “The Master Plan of Evangelism”


3. ◊ Building Marriages to Last

◊ God’s Plan for Your Marriage – Discover what God is wanting from you concerning your commitment to marriage. This is the first 4-week session of the 8-week session on building marriages.

◊ Strengthening My Marriage – We’re married and we want tools make it last. This is the second 4-week session of the 8-week session.

This class size is limited to 7 couples for the 8-week session. Sign-up now!

Materials handed out in class…


5. I Want to Know More About The Evidence Church

Get an overview of the ministries of our church and find a place to grow with us! Learn what this ministry is doing and determine if this is where you can grow in Christ Jesus. Sign up now! The class size is limited to 12 students.


6. Taking the Church Into the Community

Discover how your church can make an impact on the community by your personal involvement with the church in the community. Let’s create grassroot energies as families in the church to make a difference in the community! Sign-up now! The class size is limited to 20 students.


7. ◊ Through the Bible Study Series

Our standard Bible classes are designed to take you through the entire Bible every five years! Get a detailed look at Scriptures taught by men and women of God that will allow you to study the Old and New Testament each week with daily insights. And on each Sunday morning, get a powerful interactive study session using a quarterly or yearly study guide! Get started this Sunday and begin your weekly journey through the Bible! Sign-up now! Unlimited class size.

Material required for class: International Sunday School Lesson book (quarterly or yearly): $ (varies)




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