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Your Guide to Biblical Fasting



This book is the result of over fifteen years of fasting at Victory Temple Church of God in Christ/The Evidence Church. I started out giving our members instructions on fasting because they wanted to fast as the Bible teaches. But many were either diabetic, high blood pressure, over-weight or medically obese, full of toxins, arthritic, chronic pain and on medication, acid reflux and more… Very few started out strong and healthy enough to do the absolute fasts for any extended period of time, including me. So I sought God for directions and wisdom to put together answers and instructions for these members who wanted to fast with these pre-existing conditions. That was the beginning. This book is the result.


Fasting is one of the most important and overlooked secrets to success with God that the Bible teaches.

Fasting from food and fasting from other things that we have appetites for will bring us into His presence more powerfully than any other one thing that a Christian might attempt to do.

Fasting makes us more sensitive to the voice of God, and I have prepared a very successful approach for you through this special manual.

This manual contains just what you need as a beginner for power through fasting.

Hundreds of people use this manual personally and in ministry.

Pastors use this for teaching the principles of fasting in their Bible studies.

It is a great resource for fasting and prayer! This is a simple, yet powerful tool to help you in your approach to God to see answered prayers, miracles and deliverance!

A powerful tool to use in your dedicated approach to God in prayer. Begin to see miracles of supernatural evidences of power with God.

Healing, deliverance, salvation and favor is yours!


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Your Guide to Biblical Fasting

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